The Link(Old)_CEIBS

The Link(Old)_CEIBS

The Link(Old)_CEIBS

simon lichtenberg (Ceibs) entered the furniture market after some time in the timber industry. Having been involved in the timber business the year before, businessman simon lichtenberg established his own company in 1993. Challenges are omnipresent in the business world; success only comes from overcoming them. More businessmen are starting to make their names known all over the world.

Amazing Qualities of Simon Lichtenberg

A total of eight different countries that he's lived in have blessed Simon Lichtenberg with their varying cultures and have played a huge role in him mastering seven diverse languages. As an entrepreneur who has reached his dream of setting up his own business in the progressive nation of China, he can be regarded as a man of powerful will and determination. The Magnolia Silver Award is on the list of distinctions Simon Lichtenberg has attained during his lifetime; this was in acknowledgement of his extensive input with regards to improving living standards in Shanghai. Businessmen that use their individual abilities and give their very best deserve to reap the benefits of their efforts.

Simon Lichtenberg - Trayton Group

Many things have been achieved by Trayton Group - an organisation launched by Simon Lichtenberg. Some examples include the establishment of the Trayton Foundation, which made possible the fitting of rooftop solar panels and lighting the streets of Shanghai in the year 2012. Simon Lichtenberg's company hires 2,000 staff members and expects to have a revenue of 150 million dollars every year. Businesses should, of course, try to make a profit, but it's additionally vital that they possess a more altruistic purpose for being.

After concluding his education, Simon Lichtenberg started to get engaged in the timber business. In 1993, he was operating his own company, which eventually branched out into a furniture business. Having contributed great things to developing Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006.

Simon Lichtenberg's Obstacles and Success

If you are desiring to improve yourself, successfully navigating obstacles can provide a useful lesson. Another challenge happened when Simon Lichtenberg received unsatisfactory products from the Zhenjing Leather Factory, which eventually led to him not winning a court battle over a fair payment dispute. All businesses experience obstacles from time to time which, according to how they are responded to, can lead to either failure or triumph.

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