Stephane Portha : from Minitel to smartphone games

Stephane Portha : from Minitel to smartphone games

Stephane Portha : from Minitel to smartphone games

Everything started with the game Pong in 1972. This game was very popular with young and old and people of that time could have access easily. At the age of 6, Stephane Portha began playing this video game and it was love at first sight. Since that day, digital entertainment has become his passion until now.

By continuing to play, he found an idea to develop it by choosing another approach. This approach focused on information in all directions of the network. In taking taste, he discovered that it was his passion too. He decided to find a way to live with his two passions.

His entry into the digital world of the great Driven

By his passions and his discoveries, at the age of only 14, he decided to create his own video game. A multi-player action game, very entertaining especially for fans of reality games. The only information dissemination system of this period was called the Minitel network.

Due to the special features of the game, such as fluidity and high-level graphics, Minitel was interested and both became collaborators. To enjoy and taste his first masterpiece, here are some basic criteria:

  •  To be over 12 years old
  •  Have a Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 operating system
  •  Have a processor with at least two physical cores supporting SSE2
  •  Enjoy the multiplayer mode
  •  Download recent updates to benefit from new configurations

His triumph with the Apple brand

Wishing to offer everyone an experience of the digital sector out of the ordinary, more free, he found a wonderful idea to include entrepreneurship in his passions. By succeeding, he created his own company named Eurocenter in 1989 and renamed it Eurocenter Games.

The large digital consortium called Eurocenter Group, which he created similarly, opened a door for future collaborations with Apple. Thanks to its participation in the launch of the first video games of this famous brand in 2007, the new version of its specially multi-player GraalOnline game was only available on the iOS Smartphone platform. After a while, other more classic versions were available on other platforms like Android.

His career

Prior to his success in the world of mobile video games, he did not stop working and developing his knowledge and skills. Indeed, even after the creation of his own company Eurocenter Games, Mr. Stephane Portha did not stop there.

He remained constantly attached to his other passion, which is information exchange networks. In order for him to have control over this passion, he had to collaborate with other companies working in the same field. We can see below the different routes he has taken:

  •  Assistant Director in various companies in the digital domain
  •  Director of Neogeo
  •  Manager or Assistant Manager of diverse enterprises in digital marketing
  •  Manager of Inmob
  • Managing partner of

Today famous around the world, his career has inspired many. Is is a prove that living your passion is totally possible and that even from the youngest age.